Why Health4Heroes Was Founded

Health4Heroes was founded in September 2020 with a mission to promote and support healthy living for veterans and first responders. Our founder, US Army Combat Veteran, Nicholas Dunagan has extensive first hand experience in dealing with the challenges that are faced by our veteran community. After serving the veteran community for many years and seeing the overlap between challenges faced by both veterans and first responders, Nick felt compelled to serve both of these groups.

Our Core Values


There's no denying that the men and women who serve our country and community are some of the strongest, most selfless members of our society. Yet as these same individuals reintegrate to civilian life, many face roadblocks that can last years or a lifetime.

Health4Heroes believes our nations veterans and first responders deserve access to the highest quality services the health and wellness industry has to offer. These fine men and women risk their lives, and sacrifice their health for our safety and well-being; now Health4Heroes dedicates its mission to offer them support and community when they need it.

Challenges they often confront can range from a sense of separation and isolation from their community, strained relationships, decreased physical and mental health, lost sense of purpose, belief they might lack applicable professional and interpersonal skills, limited knowledge of local resources, and more. When facing this heavy load, coupled with the feeling that they have nowhere to turn for support & guidance, statistics show that suicide is the tragic outcome far too often.

As veterans ourselves, we know that being part of an engaging, supportive community that works to increase awareness and access to beneficial services can make a huge impact on the health of our members. Health4Heroes was founded to do just that: Empower Veterans and First Responders to take command of their health, reduce the impact of service, and increase longevity through Community, Connection, and Education.

Since our inception, Health4Heroes has worked tirelessly to develop programs and services that aim to reinforce the overall health of the individual veteran, first responders, the family, and the community at large. Healthier Service Members and family members equal a healthier community for all. By creating access to local wellness-based programs and services, we strongly encourage and empower our members to Take Command of Their Health so they can enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Our Approach: Health4Heroes uses a strengths-based, holistic approach to serving our veterans, first responders, and their families. We understand and strongly believe that this more positive, full-body approach to wellness results in the greatest--and lasting--gains for our community.

Most everything our veteran and first responder families could need in order to take command of their health already exists in our local communities; however, there are barriers to access. These barriers are twofold: veterans, first responders, and their families are grossly unaware of what resources are available to them, and most of these health services and other resources can be very expensive or unaffordable. To improve access to beneficial services such as gym memberships, nutrition services, non traditional or self care treatments like chiropractic, acupuncture, sensory deprivation tanks, massage, etc, for Service Members and their families, Health4Heroes is creating a network of allies. The Health4Heroes Alliance, strategically includes local businesses and nonprofits with a proven track record of delivering quality, beneficial services to the community.

Once a veteran or first responder has enrolled with Health4Heroes, they become more aware of available Programs and services and they gain access to these at a discounted rate. Health4Heroes provides the highest quality programs and services, and a positive, supportive environment that fosters strong, meaningful relationships--not just between our members, but with the local community, as well.

Health4Heroes exists to serve the unmet needs of our veteran and first responder population with diverse wellness, fitness, community, and educational programs. We currently have offerings in Larimer and Weld counties of Northern Colorado. With the support of our community, we will soon deliver access to proven, beneficial services statewide. Join our mission, and help us support America's veterans and first responders.

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