We are committed to locally sourced ingredients, choosing the freshest ingredients whenever possible. We strive to hold ourselves beyond the highest U.S.D.A. standards with attention to detail.

History + Timeline

I started this company on the premise that I could save time by preparing food in advance, and in turn, spend more time with my 3 year old son. One thought transformed into an idea, then pen and paper, and naturally Super-Natural Eats was founded. When I first started the company, it was a fully organic meal delivery service but DEFINITELY not a healthy one. Since forming the company, I changed perspective and the companies business model has as well. Through seeing my own family members pass away, to gathering facts on the heart disease/cancer crisis that infects America, I decided to create a way for others to benefit from a meal delivery service. So in late 2017, I started preparing healthy meals. Since this change, the company a has purpose, a reason to grow and even more reasons to give back to society. In time, our goal is to change the old and outdated ways of the western diet that our economy has suffered from and bring a new and healthy dynamic to “convenient food.” Follow our journey, to change the way we eat.” With a background of over 10+ years in the culinary industry, I’m dedicated to bringing the world’s most healthy and convenient meals that money could buy.

We do organic, all-natural catering events including: drop-off catering/meal preparation and delivery. All the food is made fresh and from scratch. Super-Natural Eats is striving to supply a market that is untapped and that is the market that requires organic/all-natural food which is eco-friendly and delicious. At Super-Natural Eats we believe that flavor goes a long way, and so does presentation! That is why we only prepare fresh foods. At Super-Natural Eats we like to support local businesses and local farmers to bring you organic and delicious food! 

You will see & taste the difference in all of our dishes! Our fresh, healthy, and creative catering ideas will impress all of your guests! We are also in the convenience food market as well, which means that we provide meal preparation and deliver it straight to your door! So all the work you do is pop it in the oven for a few minutes, then enjoy! So simple, so convenient, so valuable! Of course, all this food is organic/all-natural as well!! It is definitely a different and niche market thus far but we have been growing exponentially and our goal is to extend this business model beyond Colorado so that across the country, we all have access to a service like this. Welcome to the new age of convenience food!

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