Welcome to Verde Collection, home of CBD brands that are thoughtfully and artfully crafted with your wellness in mind. Verde Collection’s hemp is cultivated and grown on our very own USDA Organic certified farm in Fort Collins, CO. Led by founder Jessica Dory. Verde Collection delivers the highest quality products—from Seed to Shelf™—with full transparency and love behind every drop.

Verde Collection and its CBD brands began with a family vision and a mother’s medical need. Ian and Jessica first met back in 2009 and since then, they have had their hands in entrepreneurial life. They have traveled the world together, rock climbing and exploring, but always returned to their family farm, the Verde Farm, which was their first home together.

After their second child was born, Jessica’s health started to decline due to lupus, and their medical team recommended plant remedies. This was the impetus for the creation of the Verde Collection. It was there, at their family farm, that they envisioned and created the magic that is now Verde Collection.

How Verde Collection supports our Heroes

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