Member Spotlight: Mike Lowry

Meet Retired Police Officer and Health4Heroes member, Mike Lowry


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Mike! To start, where are you originally from?
I hail from Michigan, but my dad whisked us off to Colorado pretty early on.

You've had an impressive career in law enforcement. Can you tell us about your time in service?
Sure thing. I started with the sheriff's department in Louisville at 18, spent about 16 years there, and then shifted to the University of Colorado-Boulder police in 2006. I took a year off for a contract gig in Baghdad, embedded with the Army. That's where I met my wife online—she lived in Fort Collins. After returning to Northern Colorado, I went back to CU and eventually retired in 2019.

What keeps you busy these days?
I'm happily retired! I play on the Policeman's Hockey team, hit the gym regularly, do runs, and hang out with my German Shepherds. I also do contract work providing security for federal prisoners in hospitals.

Have you engaged with Health4Heroes or attended any events? Any favorites?
Absolutely. I did the Cerus Bolt Obstacle Race, but running events are my jam. I'm trying to get more involved with Health4Heroes—it's a blast, and there's immense value in it. Retiring has pushed me to make other friends, especially with former Navy and Marines. It's helped me adjust to retirement.

What drew you to Health4Heroes initially?
I stumbled upon it through the Ironsides gym, where I met some folks who invited me to join the hockey team. That led me to connect with the H4H community.

Do you have any advice for Veterans, First Responders, or their families?
Health is fleeting. It's tough to get back into shape. It's better to take opportunities when you see them along the way to stay healthy. In my 60s, I'm glad I was active when I was younger. That has let me enjoy my retirement. I do marathons. I can enjoy races with my family or friends. And I'm just happy to finish. It's a good time to be with people. That kind of bonding can't be replaced.