Member Spotlight: Amber Fifer

Amber Fifer - Member Since 2022

Veteran, U.S.M.C  (2009 - 2018)

When Amber Fifer was just 17, she looked around at all the people simply allowing life to happen to them and decided she wanted a jump start into a life well-lived. With that in mind, her sister and she both joined the Marines together. She says some of the things she did while in the Marines she wishes she could “do for the rest of [her] life.” Notably, Amber was a part of an elite team of female Marine combatants called the Female Engagement Team (FET). This team was able to communicate with women in Afghanistan who could not speak with men due to religious and cultural restrictions. At times, because of the efforts of the FET, the U.S. forces were able to gain key intelligence only the women of the area would speak of. “I felt like I was a force of help [in that role].” Because Amber was on the front lines, she was eventually wounded in combat in May of 2012. Eventually, she was able to recover enough to deploy once more in 2016, and then she medically retired in 2018. Through all of that, she says, “[Joining the Marines] was a great decision for me!” 

Now living the most peaceful life, Amber works at a local country club where she maintains the grounds of the facility. “I love to get my hands in the dirt. I love to see the flowers grow. Being outside is great for my mental health.” She is also the proud mother of a happy, bright-eyed 2-½ year old son. “I would love to be a part of something that supports me as a veteran, a woman and the mother of a young child.” In searching for that group, she joined Health4Heroes on the advice of some friends. On her first hike with Health4Heroes, she met some really good people and felt encouraged. Even though she can’t get to as many events as she would like, she was clear: “You aren’t as alone as you feel. There are people who genuinely care and want to help.” Often this means we have to keep working, keep trying to get ourselves out there. “It’s challenging to get out with work and my son to take care of.” But finding connection and balance is an integral part of wellness.

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