Supporter Spotlight: Gallipott Salon

Gallipott Salon

Erik & Jackie Christman, Owners
Fort Collins, CO
Proud Supporter since 2023

After being raised in a military family and then marrying Erik, a 10-year Army Veteran, Jackie Christman has great respect for public servants. “When a business supports the Military, Veterans and First Responders in the community, it supports the community as a whole.” Several years ago, Jackie met Health4Heroes CEO Nick Dunagan at a local non-profit event and fell in love with the mission of Health4Heroes. From there she was hooked.

With a heart for community service in her businesses, Christman has supported Health4Heroes in many ways, but what she is most passionate about right now is her newly-acquired Gallipott Salon. Gallipott is Northern Colorado’s Apothecary Salon. This means Gallipott emphasizes a customizable line of hair care products for all of its clients. All products are also organic, natural and sustainable. They offer a “revolutionary approach to haircare” and also offer wedding packages–for both makeup and hair styling.

Right now, Gallipott is recruiting stylists for its salon, and they would love to get the word out. If anyone can refer a stylist to Gallipott, they will give you $100 in credit towards services and $50 worth of products after a six month retention. Additionally, for all Health4Heroes members and spouses, Gallipott offers a 15% discount on all of their products. Again, these benefits to Military, Veterans and First Responders comes from Christman’s respect for the local heroes of the community. “When we give respect, I believe people appreciate it and respect my business in return.”

If you are interested in discovering more about Gallipott Salon, please go to their website: Or, you can also find current offers, events and news on their Facebook site: